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Henri Valloton

“I single out the soil!” This profession of faith guides Henri Valloton in all his work. It suffices to convince oneself when hearing him speak of the Combe d’Enfer, the Claives or the Planche-Billon, these mythical places of Fully that constitute the heart of his domain where the most demanding of his specialties prosper.

The appropriateness of soil, grape variety and the micro-climate is a constant concern for him. “We need to plant each variety in the conditions that suit them better”, claims the vintner who exploits vineyards in Fully as well as in Saillon, Saxon, Martigny and Bovernier. This represents, in total, 10 hectares of carefully chosen land. Some plots belong to the family since the ‘30s. At Saillon, his Pinot Noir vines are more than in their fifties while the Gamay of Fully comes from 40 year-old vines.  “With hindsight, we know our plots of land well”, confirms Henri Valloton who wishes to still grow around Fully and in the Follaterres zone where he already raises a red Humagne.

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Henri Valloton, Route de Saxon, 1926 Fully   

Tél : 027 746 28 89 / Fax : 027 746 28 89 / Mobile: 079 434 77 59